Terms and Conditions

All the terms and conditions of our website are listed here for you. All these points are mandatory to follow and all the customers of Wilson Jackets are strictly instructed to follow them.

Import Duties and Taxes:

We offer you free delivery all across the world. But we are not liable to pay your taxes or import duties that are applicable to your purchased item according to your country. All these taxes and import duties will be paid by the customers. The taxes and charges vary from country to country. 

Linking Of Other Sites:

Sometimes we link other sites as well on our website. But that does not really mean that we own them or we provide any guarantee over their product. Neither we are answerable about their service or products.

Copyright Disclaimer:

The content which is presented here on the Wilson Jackets website is only and totally own by us. Be it our product’s pictures, designs, illustrations, logos, descriptions, etc, they are our property and only we own every right on them. 

We do not allow anyone to change, modify, sell, publish, reproduce, display, upload, or copy them without our consent. All of them are protected by copyright laws and if you try to copy them without our permission then strict actions according to the law will be taken against you. 

Content of Products:

The information about all the products on our website, be it the descriptions, specifications, prices, or any other thing, can only be upgraded, created, edited, or modified by us. This act can be done without giving you any prior notification. But if the changes are made after your purchase then in this case you can avail of our Return, Refund, or Exchange policy. 

Change In Content:

According to the need, we do some changes to our content. But these changes can only be made by our team. No one else is allowed to make any change to our policy or to any content of our site. We reserve all right over our content and we do modifications or additions to the present content when it is necessary. 

Online Transaction:

For the greatest ease of our clients, we accept payment through Visa Cards, Master Cards, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. Customers of Wilson Jackets throughout the world can use them for online transactions.