Terms and Condition

This section of our website’s terms and conditions is constructed by compiling all the important points. All the users abide to follow all these rules and restrictions.

Copyright Disclaimer

All the content on our website, be it the pictures of the product, content, design, logos, illustrations, etc is totally owned by the Wilson Jackets website. All the matter is protected by the copyright laws and strict action will be taken if used without our concern.

Everybody is prohibited to use any matter from our website. No one is allowed to copy, reproduce, sell, publish, modify, display, upload, or distribute any of the content that is owned by the Wilson Jackets.

We reserve all the rights over the content which is present on our website. And just we have the authority to change any regulations which are written here, anytime. We can modify or create new information when we think it’s necessary otherwise, no one is allowed to do this.

Duties and taxes on imported items

We offer you free delivery all across the world. But we are not liable to pay your taxes or import duties that are applicable to your purchased item according to your country. All these taxes and import duties will be paid by the customers. The taxes and charges vary from country to country.

Online Transaction:

For the greatest ease of our clients, we accept payment through Visa Cards, Master Cards, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. Customers of Wilson Jackets throughout the world can use them for online transactions.