Return and Exchange Policy

Return Policy:

Providing our customers with high-quality attire is our aim. But what if you receive something that is not appropriate? You do not have to worry, because then you can return it to us. There are multiple reasons that can cause a situation where you want to return the parcel. The reasons can be receiving a defective parcel, something that does not fit you right, or something that does not look like what we have shown in the picture. In all these situations you can just simply avail yourself of our return policy.

Exchange Policy:

If the size does not fit you right, or if the color is not what you have ordered, or in some other situations like this, you can avail of our exchange policy. But remember that only authentic reasons will be entertained when you apply for this. 

We provide free delivery but when you apply for exchange or return then you have to bear the shipping charges this time. It is not at all free for any of you. Though we exchange your parcel for free and do not charge any extra penny. But for the shipping, you have to pay. 

30 Days Easy Return and Exchange Policy

As we have mentioned earlier as well, providing our customers with the best facilities is our motive. So for your amazing experience, we have introduced our 30 days easy return and exchange policy. Now if you receive an attire that has any issue, then you can simply avail of our 30 days return, exchange, or refund policy. 

Let’s have a look at the points that you must know before applying for the policies:

In what circumstances can you avail of our Policy?

  1. If you have received a parcel that is not according to what you ordered. 
  2. If your parcel contains any issues regarding size, color, or design. 
  3. If your parcel is defective. 
  4. If your received parcel does not contain all the mentioned features. 

These all are the reasons that you could face. So when you encounter a situation like this then you can avail of our policy. 

Rules and Regulations of Return and Exchange Policy:

Before you apply for the return or exchange, kindly read out these points.

  • Your product should be in the accurate condition in which you have received it. 
  • The product you want to exchange should not be washed or used. 
  • Do not alter it or cut it if you want to exchange it, otherwise, we will not accept it.
  • Your received product should not contain any stains over it.
  • Make sure that you take this step within 30 days, after succeeding this time limit you will not be able to avail of our offer. 

Procedure for Return and Exchange:

To commence the procedure you have to take a picture of your product, then craft a mail, attach the picture, brief your problem, and send us the mail via Our customer care team will identify the problem and will get back to you.