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The Gentlemen Series Outfits

The interesting story of a film and TV series might be difficult to remember at times but the costumes become memorable. To make your wardrobe versatile, we bring you The Gentlemen Outfits at Wilson Jackets to serve you the best. These outfits are a fusion of vintage, appeal, and lavishness that every apparel delivers.

Wilson Jackets added a wide range of The Gentlemen Series Outfits to our category to give you multiple options to choose from and to fulfill your fashion needs. With this one website, you can upgrade your look by owning these classy pieces.

We bring you The Gentlemen Costume Guide to transform your whole look in one go and to amaze everyone with your unique and sassy style.

This series portrays the story of Eddie Horniman who inherits the family’s property, discovers that it’s home to a big weed kingdom, and the the owners are not moving an inch. However, the costumes that the characters of this series wore were contemporary and country-style.

Theo James as Eddie Horniman

The iconic character of Eddie Horniman is depicted by “Theo James” in this series. Theo is a versatile actor who has given a number of hits including the 2016 blockbuster movie “Divergent Trilogy”. 

One of his exquisite outfits in The Gentlemen includes The Gentlemen Theo James Jacket that Theo donned in it. Theo styled this jacket by combining a black shirt and grey cotton pants with it. He further added brown derby shoes completing his look. This jacket is made up of cotton polyester fabric providing you an adequate amount of warmth and keeping you in style. However, its blue color makes it a manly apparel as it is the color of men. So wear this jacket and step out with great confidence leaving everyone behind in fashion.

The Gentlemen 2024 Theo James Black Coat is another classy outfit from this series. However, Theo styled this outerwear by mingling black dress pants and a button-up shirt. He further added a black tie and brown shades to his attire slaying the look. This coat is made up of high-quality suiting fabric allowing you to have a luxurious experience instantly. Pair it with a matching outfit and dress shoes for a magnetic look.

Talking about the sophisticated look, in one of the scenes, Theo wore The Gentlemen 2024 Theo James Suit. He styled this suit by layering a white button-up shirt and a blue tie underneath creating a mind-blowing look. However, if you also want to achieve an elegant look, you can get this classy suit at Wilson Jackets.

If you want some other options in clothing, we have added The Gentlemen 2024 Eddie Horniman Brown Coat to our “The Gentlemen” category. However, Theo styled this coat by mixing a blue button-up shirt and brown pants slaying a head-turning look. You are supposed to wear these outfits at formal events such as official meetings, official dinners, wedding reception, etc.

Daniel Ings as Freddy Horniman

Freddy Horniman is another captivating character from this series which is played by Daniel Ings. However, Freddy is the older brother of Eddie Horniman in this series. Moreover, in one of the scenes of this series, Daniel wore The Gentlemen 2024 Daniel Ings Houndstooth Coat creating a killer look and leaving his fans in awe.

Kaya Scodelario as Susie Glass

Kaya Scodelario as Susie Glass in the series has played the second lead in this series opposite Theo James. Susie is an enigmatic lady who appears out of nowhere and tells Eddie that his father rented out his family home to the drug cartel. However, Kaya has carried each on-screen outfit so gracefully in this series.

Kaya also donned The Gentlemen 2024 Susie Glass Leather Blazer in one of its scenes. This blazer is made with great hard work and attention to detail. However, Kaya styled this blazer by wearing black leather pants with it. To beautify her look, she further added blue shades and some jewelry slaying a jaw-dropping look.

Another piece of apparel that she donned in this series is The Gentlemen 2024 Kaya Scodelario White Jacket where we all saw her in action. However, the best way to style this jacket is to combine it with a top and blue jeans for a chic look.

Last but not least, The Gentlemen 2024 Kaya Scodelario Plaid Trench Coat is another apparel from this series that Kaya flaunted elegantly in another scene. She added a red hat and carried a matching handbag with this outfit. Well, if you desire to get this trench coat, go and check it out at Wilson Jackets and add it to your cart now!

We have tailored all of the Netflix’s Gentlemen Outfits with premium-quality material ideal for both winter and autumn. There are different coats, jackets, and suits in our category which allow you to enjoy wearing them on different occasions by pairing them with your favorite outfits. So wear them and acquire the iconic look of your favorite stars where Theo James and Kaya Scodelario have the most unforgettable looks in this series.


We guarantee longevity and spectacular design. However, all of these qualities can be found in TV Series The Gentlemen 2024 Wardrobe at Wilson Jackets. So spend on these garments that we have in our collection and make your personality attractive by staying under your budget. Shop These The Gentlemen TV Series Outfits With Free Shipping and be a fashion icon.

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1: Are there any chances of having the sequel of The Gentlemen?

As per the news, there is another season coming through of “The Gentlemen” after some time and it will continue from where the first season has ended.

2: How many Episodes are there in The Gentlemen?

The Gentlemen has eight episodes which are based on an engaging story making you want to watch more of it after finishing watching all of its episodes.

3: Can I get all of the iconic outfits of The Gentlemen from Wilson Jackets?

We have added the most iconic outfits from The Gentlemen to Wilson Jackets allowing you to choose what suits you the best.