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Resident Evil is one of the most popular game franchises among all gaming lovers. The first part of the Resident Evil game was released on 15th March 2002. This game is based on zombies and has a thrilling in-game environment.

The initial parts of Resident Evil games were mostly about the Umbrella Corporation which is a pharmaceutical company. The objective of this company is to invent mutagenic viruses to inject common people with. These viruses can turn humans into zombies and plants and animals into frightening monstrosities. The umbrella Corporation uses its power to take over Racoon City, an in-game American city.

On the other side, almost the whole STARS team is destroyed by the zombies and other dangerous creatures. Only a few members have survived including Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, and Albert Wesker. Chris is Jill’s brother and both of them explore the mansion in which, the zombies exist. Later on in the game, Wesker comes out to be secretly working for Umbrella Corp. and betrays his team members. However, he is murdered by a Tyrant later on.

Somehow, Jill and Chris make their way out of the mansion. In the second part of this game, the majority of the Racoon City citizens have become the victims of the zombie virus. In Resident Evil 2, two new main characters enter the game named “Leon S. Kennedy” and his younger sister “Claire Redfield”. Leon is a newbie police officer who possesses good looks and becomes the heartthrob of all the female gamers since this part. The costumes worn by Leon Kennedy in different parts of Resident Evil are very popular among his fans. The most adorned Leon S. Kennedy Costume is the one which includes blue jeans with a brown leather jacket. Another famous costume of Leon Kennedy is the Resident Evil 4 Remake Leon Jacket.

Leon and Claire enter Racoon City when the zombies have already overtaken it. Right at that time, Jill makes her way out from the Racoon City in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Nemesis is a terrifying creature who is sent by Umbrella to destroy the whole STARS team. Meanwhile, the U.S. government attacked Racoon City with a missile to destroy it. The reason behind it was to free the city from the virus. Luckily, Leon, Claire, Ada, Sherry, and Jill succeed in escaping the city before the destruction.

Later on in the game, Wesker comes out alive and involved in the plan to invent an even more powerful virus. In the fifth part of this game, Wesker tries his best to unleash a virus that will destroy all human beings. Meanwhile, Chris Redfield stops Wesker from succeeding in his mission to spread the virus by killing him.

Other than Leon Kennedy, there are also other Resident Evil characters costumes that you can go and check out in our Resident Evil outfits category. Besides Leon Kennedy’s costumes, Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield’s costumes are also very famous among Resident Evil gaming franchise fans. Clair Redfield in Resident Evil 2 is seen in blue jeans and a red leather jacket. In the second part of the Resident Evil game, a teenage character named “Ashley” is also seen wearing a green plaid skirt with a high-neck orange sweater.

On the other side, the Resident Evil 2 Remake RPD Jacket is one of the most liked jackets from Leon Kennedy’s outfits used in the Resident Evil franchise. Another Leon Kennedy jacket includes Resident Evil 4 Leon Kennedy Blue Casual Jacket which is available on Wilson Jackets and is high in demand. You can wear these top layers casually or make them Resident Evil cosplay costumes for cosplay parties.

Another Resident Evil character “Ada Wong” is seen flaunting a red mini dress with high heels in different parts of this game. However, in Resident Evil 3, there is a shop in the game that you can unlock after finishing the game. After unlocking it, you can buy different costumes for Jill Valentine. You can choose each costume and play with Jill Valentine wearing it. This is an amazing feature of this game.

Resident Evil 3 is believed to have one of the most interesting and engaging storylines among all the other Resident Evil parts. Not only this, but this game also has high-resolution cutscenes that double up the charm of the game. However, most of the in-game locations of Resident Evil 3 are taken from its second part.

Resident Evil movie outfits are also very famous among Hollywood fans. Milla Jovovich is seen flaunting her signature costume in the Resident Evil movie as well as other actors. So if you desire to wear those costumes and outfits, go and check out the Resident Evil category at Wilson Jackets now!


1: What are some iconic outfits worn by characters in the Resident Evil series?

Leon Kennedy’s brown leather jacket, Clair Redfield’s red Leather Jacket, Ashley’s plaid green skirt and high-neck orange sweater, and Ada Wong’s red mini dress with leggings are some of the iconic outfits worn by the Resident Evil characters in its series.

2: Can I purchase replicas of outfits worn by Resident Evil characters in the video games or movies?

Yes absolutely, you can buy replicas of Resident Evil gaming and movie outfits on Wilson Jackets.

3: Are there multiple jackets of Leon Kennedy on this Website?

Yes, there are multiple jackets of Leon Kennedy on Wilson Jackets including Leon Kennedy Death Island blue leather jacket.